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 About Us

We are astrologers, learners ofdifferent streams of astrologyspread throughout India and the globe. We have dedicated our best endeavour to

conduct in-depth studies on the various aspects of astrology so that astrology may do immense for the welfare of mankind. We have built up a project for fulfilling the above-stated and other aims.

Astrology has been studied and applied in life since thousands of years in India , China , Egypt , Babylon , Greece , Arabia and many other countries of the world. It has been proved beyond all doubts that Astrological predictions decided the fate of many kings and kingdoms, warfares etc. since days immemorial. So many saintly people termed Astrology as the art of arts and science of sciences. Our observations reveal the planets of the solar

 Our Activity

The Project is a pioneer organisation undertaking research-oriented activities in the field of Astrology with an unfailing determination of reaching the destination to revitalization and modernization of the Saint-pervaded science of Astrology and Astronomy.

ESTD in 1975 by the most gifted astrologer of International standard and repute Dr. Ramkrishna Sastri has done a lot in the direction of moulding astrology to keep pace with the changes that have taken place in the world of planets and stars. The new-found truths relating to astrology sometimes have had a great bearing in mankind and their life-style. Astrological Research Project has paved all broadways to researche


Drawing highly-merited and versatilely genius scholars and sharing dais with galaxy of dignitaries like His Excellency the Governors of different states, Central and State ministers, Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Vice-Chancellors of various Indian Universities, famous personalities from different walks of life, representatives of different religions and great number of listeners the Annual International Conference is held at the behest of Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage. Scholastic lectures by Learned Individuals with visuals and interactions make this gathering of erudition an attractive feature of the city of joy Kolkata.

Our Courses

Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith offers courses on Astrology in Regular and correspondence modes. The courses are ranging from certificate course (Purva Madhyama) for beginners to the highest level of PhD. in Astrology (Vidya Baridhi). The Institute possess sound infrastructure and vibrant faculties for imparting training on Traditional Astrology as well as K.P. System.

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